Has anyone got any tips for wild camping? Apparently kinder scout in the Peak District is good??

    It’s been a weird week

    I Know Girls by Mary Lambert

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    not entirely sure what’s been going on with my hair this week, i have had multiple breakdowns but now i’m sort of happy with it, it’s (v dark) purple on the ends and it’s meant to be blonde on the top but it went green, ahhh well i’ll roll with that



    Marilyn Monroe photographed by Milton Greene, 1953

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    The frame’s called ‘basic’ cos that’s how I feel

    I can’t cope at all with life with a natural hair colour, I never knew it was this bad but it’s got to the point where all my confidence and happiness is in my hair and now it’s lost and everything’s fallen apart
    I can’t be just another face in the crowd
    Standing out is what makes me comfortable in my own skin
    Besides, none of my clothes go with it

    Or maybe I’m just drunk and sleepy and I’ll change my mind in the morning


    I hate having copper coloured hair, tomorrow I might go out and buy blue dye because THIS ISNT ME I have lost all my self confidence

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